Beer Fam


Ben – Founder, President, Dad, Jedi Master Yoda, Head of Brewery Operations, Creative Director, Dad-Joke Teller

Favorite Beer: Miller Lite


Amanda – Founder, Mom, The Rock, The Inspiration, The Foundation, Private Event Coordinator, Party Planner

Favorite Beer: All the Fruity Sours. All of them


Char РTaproom Manager, Director of Entertainment, Social Media Guru, Sender of Emails, Writer of Lists, The Glue That Holds It All Together

Favorite Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon


Harrison – Brewer, Brother, The Homie, The Goofball, Lad, Serp, Nick Naint, Snake, Nikol Coco, The Heart & Smile

Favorite Beer: Coca-Cola


Brett – A.K.A. Magic Hands, Resident Handy-Man, Fixer of all Things, Player of Beer Darts, Giver of Hugs

Favorite Beer: Alcohol




Shout Out to Sam, Trevor, and Geoff! Our awesome Taproom Rockstars. I need good photos of you guys at the brewery so I can add you. I promise I did not forget you!

Love -OC


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