Our Beer

Now on Tap:As Of: 3/11/19
No Way JosePale Ale w/Lime Zest and Agave5.3%
Evil Tendencies w/Milk SugarIPA brewed with Milk Sugar7.2%
Peachy, Do You Love Me?Brut IPA w/Peach Puree6.3%
Stigma CrusherAmerican Light Lager3.5%
Dad JokesAmerican IPA6.2%
Pretend SuperheoDDH DIPA7.6%
Lumbersexual LagerVienna Lager5.5%
Howlers: (32 oz) To Go
Stigma Crusher
No Way Jose
Pretend Superhero
Peachy, Do You Love Me?
Vander Mill Ciders- 12 oz cansOn-Site Only
Vandy Session Cider4.2%
Totally RoastedVanilla, pecan, cinnamon cider6.3%
Packaged Beer To Go
Dad JokesAmerican IPA
Evil Tendencies w/Milk SugarIPA with Milk Sugar
Mixed IPA 2 Evil Tendencies/2 Dad Jokes cans
Lumbersexual LagerVienna Lager
Not Beer (Canned Soda)
Diet Coke
Juice boxes for the kiddos
Root Beer