Our Beer

Now on Tap:As Of: 6/27/19
Uno MasMexican Lager 4.5%
Dad JokesAmerican IPA 6.2%
Table MannersSession Saison3.1%
European Vacation SexImperial milk stout with marshmallow14.0%
Does It Taste Like Beer?Blonde Ale with Pomegranate4.8%
Spirit AnimalsDDH DPA8.0%
Sippie CupDIPA9.0%
No Way JosePale Ale with Agave & Lime Zest5.3%
Cider from Vander Mill CidersGinger Peach & Rose
Howlers: (32 oz) To Go
European Vacation Sex
Does It Taste Like Beer
Table Manners
No Way Jose
Sippie Cup
Packaged Beer To Go
Uno MasMexican Lager
Dad JokesAmerican IPA
Bourbon Barrel Aged Morning RoutineImperial Coffee Stout with Orange Peel
Not Beer (Canned Soda)
Diet Coke
Root Beer