Our Beer

Now on Tap:As Of: 10/28/2021
Uno MasMexican Lager4.5%
Lumbersexual LagerVienna Lager5.5%
BirraItalian Pilsner4.3%
No Way JosePale Ale w/Agave & Lime Zest5.3%
Orlando Vacation SexDole Whip Milkshake DIPA w/Lactose, Vanilla, & Pineapple Lemonade7.5%
Don't Tell Mom The Baby Citra's DeadDIPA w/Blood Orange8.0%
HullabalooBerliner Weisse w/Tangerine & Lactose3.8%
Evil TendenciesIPA7.2%
Sunday StapleGolden American Lager4.4%
Jeepers CreepersPumpkin Pie Milk Stout6.8%
No Way GoseSour Margarita Ale w/Agave, Lime, JalapeƱo, & Sea Salt5.3%
Cans: (16oz 4-Pack)
Don't Tell Mom The Baby Citra's Dead
Jeepers Creepers
Lumbersexual Lager
Evil Tendencies